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Level up your game and become a fit gamer!

Increase your Performance

Hello everyone. If you came to my site its because you're looking to get results. Team up with me and we will crush your goals! We Offer a variety of Products and Services. If you have any questions please contact me. Don't forget to book your Free Consultation.

Mission Statement 

I strive to help build an individuals fitness and educate clients. So, they can increase their performance and build a healthier lifestyle.

Lets Get To Work


Private Training & Subscription Based plans

Looking to Lose Weight or Reach a specific Goal?

Looking for someone to motivate and push you to be the best you can be? do you need someone to keep you accountable? You came to the right place! I am  here to help you achieve your goals and elevate you to the next level.

What a typical 3 day prep looks like lol

Online Nutrition Coaching & Fitness Programs

Schedule Flexibility

Not able to meet in person? No problem I offer online nutrition coaching and fitness programs.

Personal Training

All Personal Training packages include BMI, Body Fat %, Recommend Daily Caloric intake and 24/7 Support.  You will Receive a AGF Starter Kit which contains ( T-shirt, Towel, Water Bottle and MORE!)  When you Buy Your First package. 


1 Session

One 1 Hour Private Session


3 Sessions

Three 1 Hour Private Sessions


10 Sessions

Ten 1 Hour Private Sessions


Gold Subscription

30 Minute Semi Private Session 2x Per Week


Diamond Subscription

30 minute Semi Private Sessions 3x Per Week

Online Nutrition Coaching and Fitness Programs

With Online Nutrition Coaching you will receive your recommended Caloric intake, Macro nutrients, Grocery list and 24/7 support. With all Online Programs you will receive a customized plan specific to your goals and 24/7 support. ( All online programs and plans will be completed and delivered 7 days after receiving payment)


4 Week Nutrition Coaching


8 Week Nutrition Coaching


4 Week Exercise Program


8 Week Exercise Program


4 Week Hybrid Nutrition and Exercise Program. 


8 week Hybrid Nutrition and Exercise Program

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